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Migraine Surgery

Nearly 45 million Americans suffer from migraines – debilitating headaches often accompanied by nausea and a sensory burden associated with significant pain lasting for hours or even days. Due to the intense nature of these events, migraine sufferers have a compromised quality of life. Long Island Plastic Surgical Group surgeons are expertly trained in migraine surgery and have been successful in permanently relieving migraine symptoms with innovative, safe new surgical techniques. These techniques release the compression of the muscles that experience nerve constriction during a migraine, which produce painful migraine headaches. In some cases, patients may experience a near-immediate relief of symptoms following surgery. Migraine surgery is also an outpatient procedure taking one to two hours per muscle ‘trigger site’ and allowing patients to return home the same day without a hospital stay.

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group surgeons are helping patients obtain relief of migraine headaches without any further need for medications and are currently conducting clinical research to help improve results. To learn more and request a consultation, please fill out a migraine questionnaire via the link below. Email your completed questionnaire to with your name and phone number in the body of your email.

Our medical team will review your questionnaire and call you to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

Click Here to Download the Migraine Questionnaire.

Commonly Asked Questions about Migraine Surgery:

How can I make an appointment with one of your migraine specialists?

Prior to meeting with one of our migraine experts, we have our patients fill out a detailed questionnaire to help determine if you are a surgical candidate and to help us create a treatment program specific for you.

Click Here to Download the Migraine Questionnaire.


Who is a good candidate for migraine surgical treatment?

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group surgeons will consider surgical treatment for migraine patients who respond well to injectable treatments. Injectable treatments are used to temporarily ‘freeze’ the muscles with migraine-causing nerve constriction helping to identify trigger sites. If trigger sites are successfully pinpointed, a patient may move forward with surgery to permanently release the compression of those muscles to provide long-term relief symptoms.

How is migraine surgery performed?

Migraine surgical solutions vary from patient to patient depending on the offending muscles identified through injectable treatment methods. The muscles that are most likely correlated with migraine headaches are the forehead, temple, back of head or deviated septum. In the case of forehead muscles, a small segment of facial muscle over the nerves is removed through small hidden incisions near hair bearing skin. This procedure will also smooth the forehead. In the case of temple muscles, the nerves are detached but not removed.  In the back of the head, muscles that encapsulate the nerves may also be removed.  When a deviated septum contributes to migraine pain, a septoplasty, or straightening of the septum, is performed along with removal of the turbinates in the nose.

What are the risks and side effects of migraine surgical treatment?

Although uncommon, some complications may include: discomfort, mild bruising and swelling. There can be a temporary hollowing of the temple, numbness in the forehead and scalp as well as infection and bleeding. There may be a shift in brow appearance and movement and localized hair loss in the temporal areas. With septoplasty and turbinectomy, a dryness and a whistling sound from the nose can occur after surgery. Lastly, migraines may continue as there is no guarantee that a surgical treatment will be 100% effective.

Is this an insurance-covered surgery?

In some cases, insurance companies will cover injectable treatments for migraines such as Botox, which was FDA approved in 2010, for the treatment of migraines. Migraine surgery may be covered by insurance. Our team of experts will help you through the insurance process.