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Dr. Glickman Patient Testimonials

Dr. Glickman has made me a new woman. I had suffered from pain for 4 years post double masectomy. Went to many doctors and none were able to figure out why I had pain. Within 5 minutes of my visit with Dr. Glickman, he knew the issue. Surgery was scheduled and now 6 weeks post op- I feel like a new woman. I no longer have pain and I am able to go about my day. Thank you Dr. Glickman for everything.”

Stephanie D. – August 2018

I’m in my early 20s and had a bilateral mastopexy. I had fluctuated in weight before finally losing it all and my breast elasticity showed it. I had previously met doctors who were cold, uncaring and all too willing to discuss the cons/cost of the procedure and then finally I found Dr. Glickman. From the moment I met him to the moment I got my ‘after’ pictures, I have felt nothing but comfortable and cared for. 6 weeks post-op and I’ve had no complications and Dr. Glickman was there for me through all of the recovery process. My scars are healing amazingly. He knew how important exercise is to me and helped me get back into it quickly and safely. His matter of fact and confident attitude is something I truly respect. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and an all-around more positive body image. I would do it 10 more times the exact same way if I had to. Would recommend him and his amazing nursing staff to everyone and anyone!!!”

Jennifer K. – June 2018

I knew immediately that Dr. Glickman was the right surgeon for me. He’s so knowledgeable, he carefully explained every detail of the procedure and answered all my questions. I felt 100% comfortable with my decision to proceed. The surgery has made a positive impact on my self-esteem and I look forward to wearing a bathing suit this summer. I would like to thank Dr. Glickman and his staff for a very positive experience.”

M.B. – May 2018

I had a breast reduction with Dr. Glickman. He was caring and put me at ease. The strains on my back and shoulders are no longer, I feel great! I was more concerned about having each breast reduced, symmetrical and no complications. After that the rest would be icing on the cake. I didn’t expect in my wildest dreams to have them come out as nice as they did. I feel so relieved to have had this surgery and thankful I was somehow led to Dr. Glickman.”

C.N. – April 2018

After an arduous search to locate a surgeon that could do my decompression surgery, I found Dr. Glickman to perform my procedure. He’s gentle, kind, sympathetic and patient. He answered all my questions (of which I had many) and at one point he asked if it would be okay to see another patient quickly so they didn’t have to wait and he could give me his undivided attention. I happily agreed and it made me that more pleased with his professionalism. Dr. Glickman was confident that he could help me with my incessant, excruciating weight-bearing pain. He said it could take about 6 months to recover, but I am already pleased with my reduction in pain intensity at the 6 week point. I am hoping to continue improving, so that I can get back a bit of my former life. I used to walk miles and play tennis. I have readjusted my expectations, but I’m curious to see how far I get. My scar looks amazing and I am trying to massage it daily to break up new scar tissue.”

Sandi G. – February 2018


I’m truly thankful for all your guidance, care and expertise. Both you and your ‘team’ were very attentive and available during and after the surgeries. I’m very happy with my new thighs and I highly recommend Dr. Glickman and LISPG!!

T – August 2017

Having a tummy tuck surgery is one of the best decisions I’ve made! I have absolutely no regrets. Thanks to Dr. Glickman for his excellent care and the amazing result he achieved with my tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty)!

My decision to have this surgery required a lot of thought and planning. I interviewed several well-known doctors before making my final decision. After meeting Dr. Glickman, the choice was easy.

Dr. Glickman’s honesty and his straight forward approach was refreshing and inspired trust and confidence. He was very forthcoming in telling me what to expect, how to prepare for the surgery, and how to take care of myself afterwards. We also discussed “our” expectations regarding the end results, making sure we were both on the same page. Dr. Glickman was very responsive to my concerns before and after the surgery. There were no surprises. I was very pleased.

It’s evident that Dr. Glickman loves, respects, and has a great deal of pride in his work. You feel it in his care, concern, and patience in taking care of you. He’s a perfectionist in making sure everything is well and that you are pleased with the results. I would highly recommend him to family, friends, and anyone considering having this surgery.

A.C. – July 2017

Dr. Glickman is AMAZING!! I have wanted a mommy makeover (Mastopexy and Abdominoplasty) for many years and I am so happy with my results. After meeting with Dr. Glickman, I knew he would be the best choice for me. I meet with other surgeons before going to him and no one made me feel as confident and comfortable as he did. Everyone was so friendly and professional. The office was clean, Dr. Glickman answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable. No pressure whatsoever. On the day of my surgery, I was a little nervous but mostly excited. The nurses were so sweet and reassuring. The anesthesiologist and Dr. Glickman came in and explained everything to me. When we went into the OR Dr. Glickman was there the whole time and made sure that I was comfortable. To help me relax, he asked me what type of music I would like to hear as I went to sleep. When I woke up the friendly staff was all there still making sure I was ok and they told me that the surgery was a success. I went home with no pain and had a speedy recovery. I am now almost 3 months post op and my results are amazing!! I am so happy Thank you Dr. Glickman and LIPSG!!!!

C.M. – December 2016

My experience with Dr. Glickman and the LIPSG team was incredible. When I first began my research stages of having a breast augmentation done my one main concern was someone who would always be honest with me. I wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable with every step in the process since it was a long term decision I was making. As I began to learn about all the different ways this procedure could be done my mind was at ease because Dr. Glickman took the time to not only explain the how’s but the why’s behind his advice and expertise. My one main goal was to come out looking natural. On the day of my surgery his team made me feel even more comfortable. They were so caring and kind throughout the entire process that I felt like the only patient in the entire building. In the following weeks with my follow up visits I was amazed at how my breasts turned out. Dr. Glickman’s input about how we should tackle the procedure couldn’t have been better at achieving the results I asked for. I would tell anyone to see him because he listens, shares, and takes care of his patients. Thank you Dr. Glickman and your whole team for my amazing experience!

Erin E. – September 2016

I thought about having a tummy tuck for years… actually, ever since the birth of my last son… 26 years ago! When I finally decided that now was the time I did my research and I consulted with a few doctors but never satisfied. My family has been treated by many doctors at LIPSG and the one that stood out to me was Dr. Glickman. He operated on my son a few years back and was wonderful. He was thoughtful, patient with his time and explained everything. I consulted with Dr. Glickman and he was all that and more. The time he gives you with each visit is wonderful and the level of care is something that puts you totally at ease. The day of my surgery I was relaxed and confident. He played my favorite music as I went off to sleep and was there when I woke up. The follow-up care and visits have solidified my confidence and appreciation for Dr. Glickman. My recovery has been an easy one and I cannot be more pleased. Dr. Glickman is the best.

M.M. – August 2016

I am in my mid 40’s and I have been wanting a tummy tuck for a long time, especially since the birth of my last child. I was dealing with stretch marks and excessive skin for years. I did some research on plastic surgeons in the area and I found LIPSG. I chose Dr. Glickman because of his impressive credentials, experience and his extensive before and after picture gallery. I could not have made a better choice. Dr. Glickman was so kind and understanding, I felt very comfortable with him from our first consultation. He performed a full abdominoplasty with muscle repair, and liposuction of the flanks. The entire process went so smoothly on the day of my surgery. Everyone at LIPSG was amazing!! I was blown away when I saw how fast my incision healed and how good I looked in just five days. Dr. Glickman exceeded my expectations. I love, love, love the results. I couldn’t have made a better choice.

Ms. M – June 2016

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Glickman several years ago. My first experience was with getting Juvederm injections and I was pleased with the results. As I was preparing to turn 65 I noticed that my eyelids were very droopy as well as bags under my eyes. I felt that my appearance made me look very tired all the time. I consulted with Dr. Glickman and on his recommendation I decided to have an upper and lower blepharoplasty. I anticipated returning to work after 3 days but unfortunately, I did have a lot of swelling and bruising. Recovery was a little more than I expected, however, the end result exceeded my expectations. Dr. Glickman thoroughly explained the procedure from beginning to end and answered all my questions and concerns. I will never tire of people’s reaction to how great I look now that I have had this procedure.

Marie – June 2016

Going into my consultation with Dr. Glickman, I thought I should be prepared and bring along pictures of celebrity noses that I admired. On the contrary, Dr. Glickman was only focused on my nose and knew immediately the areas that would give me the best results. Dr. Glickman was clear and concise as he explained the details of my surgery and the results I should expect. I am only one-month post-op and love what I see already. I could not have chosen a better doctor and group to perform this ‘life changing’ procedure. I can not thank Dr. Glickman and his amazing, artistic skills enough for making my rhinoplasty so natural looking. A happy patient makes a happy doctor!

A – June 2016

After spending the past 20 years raising five children I decided to do something for me. I knew “what” I wanted to do, but did not know the “who“ to go to . The stars alined when I found Dr Glickman. He is the perfect concoction of humility and confidence, empathy and competence, proactive and conservative… Blended into the perfect cocktail! He listens without pressure and suggests without making you feel uncomfortable. He is a true artist in his field and his work speaks for itself. The world of plastic surgery is blessed to have him and he is a blessing to all he treats. Everyone I have shared my story with wants to have him as their doctor when the time is right. As he told me, I will look rested without looking like I had work done, and I do. If your are interested in exploring plastic surgery I would “run not walk” to his office and never look back!

M.S. – January 2016

As a mother of two children, I did all the exercise and dieting I could to get to a level of confidence and comfort with my image that I wanted. Yet I needed help with areas of my body that would never go back to like they were before. I meet with a few plastic surgeons but did not get the sense of trust you need when you are going to have surgery, until my first consultation with Dr. Glickman. That is when I knew he was a professional Doctor, not just a plastic surgeon, and the right surgeon for me. His staff at the Garden City location is excellent as well.

What impressed me most was the extensive follow up Dr. Glickman had with me to make sure I was recovering to the best of my ability.

I have no problem recommending Dr. Glickman to anyone who needs a professional Doctor to assist them in looking and feeling their best.

M.H. – January 2016

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience at LIPSG with Dr. Glickman. As a 23-year-old who’d never had any cosmetic procedures before, I was terribly nervous. But Dr. Glickman made me feel comfortable from the moment we met at my consultation. He is friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. He answered my every question and eased my anxieties, and most importantly, he never pressured me into anything. I always felt like my needs and concerns were the most important to him. Dr. Glickman was very clear on the details of the procedure and healing process, and the results I should expect. And the results are perfect! I am forever grateful for Dr. Glickman and his amazing staff at LIPSG.

NT – November 2015

I am very happy that I went to LIPSG and Dr. Glickman for my bi-lateral lower blepharoplasty. Each part of the experience, from the initial consultation to the surgery and throughout all of the follow-ups, was easy, thorough, and professional. Dr. Glickman is very pleasant, knowledgeable and likeable. He answered my numerous questions. I found the staff ( the receptionist, surgical coordinator, nurses and anesthesiologist) to be friendly as well and of very high caliber. The anxieties I had about going through with this procedure were quelled when I talked to Dr. Glickman and the anesthesiologist prior to the surgery. I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation.

Fred R. – July 2015

After interviewing several of the top plastic surgeons in Long Island, I unequivocally chose Dr. Glickman to perform my elective breast augmentation. Dr. Glickman’s credentials, education, years of experience, work ethic and voluntary services outside of his already busy schedule was an important factor for me. However, what catapulted and set Dr. Glickman apart from his peers was his ability to truly listen in detail to the patients’ needs. Dr. Glickman is detailed oriented and seeks to find the best outcome for his patients. Dr. Glickman is a master at his craft and this service of excellence and compassion transcends effortlessly to his staff who all provided superior service.

Dr. Glickman and his team of professional staff made me feel welcomed at all times, they took care of my needs prior and after surgery. My new breasts look natural, words cannot express, how grateful I am that I took the time needed to select the right doctor. Dr. Glickman and his team are the best, the care I received from them was exceptional and certainly appreciated!!

Kudos to Dr. Glickman and his team at LIPSG.

uklady – June 2015

LIPSG was the end of the road for me in trying to determine the pervasive pain I had been experiencing for several months in my lower abdomen. I couldn’t sit without being in so much pain, taking excessive amounts of OTC meds to cope with it and it was interfering in my daily life. I could only lie down or stand to deal with the pain.

Dr. Glickman identfied a neuroma in the groin from a previous surgery 2 years prior. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Glickman had a no nonsense approach, with his main concern getting me to a pain free state. He listened to my concerns, educated me about the procedure and counseled me on the best course of action. In March 2015, Dr. Glickman successfully removed the groin neuroma and also revised my 3 c-section scars at the same time. I can say that 11 weeks post-op that I can sit and have a cup of coffee, commute on the train and work — all because I’m pain-free! That wasn’t something that I could do prior to this for several months.

I also want to commend the office staff on their high level of customer service. I felt supported by everyone and would highly recommend this practice and Dr. Glickman. Thanks for making me whole again!

Brandy – June 2015

After having my second daughter, I had separated abdominal muscles, excess skin, and chronic abdominal pain that was interfering with my ability to manage my day to day activities. Over the course of almost two years, I saw a slue of doctors and had a plethora of diagnostic tests all of which were unable to pinpoint the source of my pain. When I had almost given up hope, I was referred to Dr. Glickman, and he quite literally saved my life!

Dr. Glickman performed an abdominalplasty to fix the cosmetic portion of my concerns and, through investigative surgery tied to the abdominalplasty, identified the source of my chronic pain and removed a portion of my floating rib that was wreaking havoc. Within months of the surgery I was fully recovered, back to my life but pain free, with a beautiful stomach to boot! Dr. Glickman is candid yet courteous, takes the time to listen and truly understand the issues/concerns at hand, and makes himself available to answer all questions. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Glickman and all that he has done for me and my family. He is a skilled surgeon and a wonderful person as well!

Natasha B. – April 2015

Here is what makes Dr. Glickman one of the best surgeons in NY.
In addition to his excellent credentials and experience, he is a good listener. He pays attention to your concerns, studies your body and discusses realistic options to create harmonious beauty. Dr. Glickman utilizes his artistic skills & expertise to emphasize your best features and design a better version of yourself. The results are natural & refreshed, not fake & plastic. Throughout the entire process everything is explained so that you feel comfortable & relaxed. Post procedure follow ups are included to monitor your recovery & well-being. Thanks to Dr. Glickman I celebrated the new year with confidence, knowing I look as fabulous as I feel. New year, new & improved you.

Silvia – January 2015

After giving birth to my daughter 22 years went by, my stomach was left with what I accepted as deformed. I also thought that it in time it would go away. Years of being a single mother and only focused on raising my child, I put myself on the back burner until the day I decided to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon 20 years later. I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon that operated on my 2 friends and I left feeling like another dollar and a piece of meat, I left disappointed and never returned. While my now grown daughter was away at college I decided to just lose the weight on my own and face the fact that I will never have a tight stomach.

I LOST 60LBS! Yes all on my own! My reward was to give the Tummy Tuck another shot, especially since now excess skin was also my issue.

From the first time I called LIPSG I felt comfortable but of course guarded…that’s until I met MY doctor, Dr. Glickman. We first met with all my clothes on and he interviewed ME .. He looked into my eyes with a sincere look .. I instantly trusted him.. He did not rush me and he listened to “my story” he was amazed I waited so long but he was also happy I did. When he examined me I could tell he felt bad for me as I have been hiding under compression garments every day. He explained what the procedure would pertain and was very honest on what it would look like in the end. He also stated he wanted to make my stomach as pretty as I am.. now if that’s a line he uses on everyone.. I don’t care because HE DID IT! I have been in EXCELLENT hands with Dr. Glickman! Every step of this journey from day one has made a beautiful experience. My before and after pictures and confidence is a proven fact! I will refer Dr. Glickman to everyone that asks! Everyone!

W.S. – September 2014

Thank you for a wonderful surgical experience. Although this was an elective surgery, you allowed my concerns to be freely expressed and offered me every opportunity to reconsider my decisions along the way.

I was sent to you with high recommendations and trusting you was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Medicine is known as both an art and a science and you are tremendously skilled in your chosen field. You not only help your patients attain their goals but with your skills and kindness you make the entire experience forever memorable.

As a nurse, I appreciate your state of the art facility and very qualified staff. It is clear that their professionalism is reflective of your direction and efforts. Thank you again and I wish you the best always.

T.G. – May 2014

Dr. Glickman is a wonderful surgeon and a very caring person. His work is impeccable! I admire my flat tummy every single day and am so happy with my body. I have been dieting and working out for years but could not eliminate my “meno pot” belly. I hated it! Now I look and feel sexy and healthy again.
Thank you Dr. Glickman!

O.L. – May 2014

For years I have struggled with the “belly bulge”. I have tried diet, exercise, and larger clothes to no avail. Finally, I got smart, did my research and found one of the best Doctors in N.Y. Dr. Glickman has excellent credentials, with years of training and experience.

He listens to your ideas, studies your body, and thoroughly discuses your options. He incorporates his expertise and artistic skills to bring out your natural beauty. Since my procedure, I feel more confident with my body, and more comfortable in my clothes. Thanks to Dr. Glickman I have gone from belly bulge to bikini beauty.

Thank you Dr. Glickman.

S.S. – April 2014

I have told you this many times but I don’t think I can tell you enough. What you did for me changed the way I felt about my body and myself – it gave me confidence I never had – made me feel free and sexy and alive. It’s difficult for you to believe maybe – but it’s true. My mother gave me a complex about my breasts from the time I was old enough to have them – I never felt good about them. You, Dr. Glickman gave me the breasts I always wished I had. I am so grateful for your generosity and your amazing talent.

J. – April 2013

This was not my first surgical experience, but it was by far the most pleasant, and pain free.

Dr. Laurence Glickman, informed me that it was necessary to operate on my right ring finger, to repair my trigger finger. The procedure was performed by Dr. Glickman at the Day Op center in Mineola. I went to the facility the week before surgery to take care of the pre op requirements.

The surgery was performed on January 15, 2013. Dr. Glickman removed the sutures on Jan22, 2013. At no point did I have any pain whatsoever in the surgical area. Dr. Glickman was patient and attentive prior to the surgery, and he answered any and all questions that I had afterwards. The surgery was successful, and Dr. Glickman could not have done anything else to make this a completely positive experience. Unfortunately, I have had many surgical procedures. Never have I had a pain free surgery, and Dr. Glickman was professional, attentive and compassionate throughout the entire process.

The entire staff that I met during the pre-op at the Day Op center were wonderful as well. They were patient in answering any questions, and made me feel comfortable during an anxious time. Everyone at Long Island Plastic Surgery, both pre and post op were fantastic as well.

I have nothing but praise for Dr. Glickman and the entire staff. They should be a model for other facilities to see how to make a patient comfortable and confident while performing superior surgeries.

Thanks again to Dr. Glickman and the entire staff at Day Op and LIPS.

Bob – February 2013

Thank-You-Cover-LTG-225x300Thank you for your time, attention and follow-up. You made a difference in my life. I look and feel amazing thanks to you. I’m very happy with the results. I will definitely refer everybody I know! I wish you and your wonderful staff all the best.

Nilda – August 2012

F134601803-295x300This has been a journey for me, and I want to thank you so much for the patience, kindness, and serenity you exhibited towards me. I learned that I had a lot to learn and besides the wonderful outcome of the surgery and the benefits accompanying it, I feel like a better person for knowing you.


Dr. Glickman has given me a new life of pain free walking after more than two years of bouncing from doctor to doctor. After consulting with numerous doctors: orthopedic, pain management, experts in cryobiology, and a nerve specialist only Dr. Glickman was able to resolve the pain caused by a severed nerve in my thigh and the neuroma it caused. It took a gifted, plastic surgeon to repair and restore my leg to a pain free state. Every time I take a pain free step I will be grateful to Dr. Glickman.


I had always been athletic, but after two kids, my body just didn’t recover the way I wanted it too. If you were to meet me a year ago, I was depressed with my head down. I didn’t want to leave the house. I went for a few consultations with other doctors, but after meeting Dr. Glickman, I knew right away he was the Doctor for me.

Dr. Glickman has magic hands, I’m so happy now — he’s changed my life!


Because of Dr. Glickman, I’m back to living a normal life. He’s simply the best, I love him!


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