By Dr. Brian Pinsky

Tom Brady, Quarterback of the New England Patriots, hurt his hand during practice a couple of weeks ago. The injury was kept under wraps, and Mr. Brady participated in Sundays’ conference play offs and performed very well.

Hand injuries can seem minor, but unless you are a professional athlete and millions of dollars are on the line, we don’t recommend contact sports right after an injury. We understand that your hands are typically a vital part of everyday life, and after an injury, most people would like to get back to work as soon as possible. At the Institute for Hand Surgery at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, we tailor treatment for the betterment of each patient, and unless you’re Tom Brady, we generally advise against returning to work too soon. Minor lacerations are typically well tolerated, but injuries such as tendon lacerations or ligament tears may require time in a splint, therapy, or in some cases, even surgery to restore function and prevent further injury.

Although we really don’t know the circumstances or details of Mr. Brady’s injury, we generally recommend appropriate rest and activity restrictions after any injury or surgery to allow proper healing time, an optimized outcome, and to prevent future problems.

Best of luck to the Eagles and the Patriots in the Super Bowl, I’m not telling who my money is on.