ReSurge LogoApril 30, 2015 –In December, we announced that we had partnered with ReSurge International (formerly Interplast) to help ensure that children and adults with congenital defects and disabling injuries could receive the surgical care they need to live healthy, productive lives. While our partnership is focused on Ecuador, we as a group are committed to ReSurge’s work globally.

ReSurge’s largest Surgical Outreach Program is located in the Kathmandu area of Nepal. Thankfully, the ReSurge team of nearly 50 personnel was not injured in Saturday’s devastating earthquake, which has now claimed more than 4,300 lives and injured more than 7,000.

The ReSurge team, led by Dr. Shankar Rai, has been inundated with patients. They are currently working around the clock to provide trauma and surgical care to hundreds. The coming weeks and months will be filled with many surgeries, and the need for follow-up care and physical therapy will be tremendous.

Dr. Rai has told us that a number of the hospitals in the area are not able to function normally due to earthquake damage. He has patients waiting for surgery, with many more on the way. Their hospital is adequate to provide trauma care, but he tells us that the hospital support systems must be upgraded. The team also urgently needs surgical supplies.

To assist with this need, ReSurge is deploying additional doctors and nurses from the United States, and working with International Medical Corps and AmeriCares to provide supplies. In addition, the organization has established a Nepal Earthquake Victims Surgical Care Fund to enable immediate care for the injured — now and in the weeks and months to come. We are supporting ReSurge by donating to this fund, and hope that you will join us by making a contribution. You can do so safely and securely online at 100% of your donation will go to helping earthquake victims in Nepal.

Thank you for considering this special request.

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, PC & ReSurge International

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