On Saturday, April 16, a catastrophic earthquake (magnitude 7.8) hit Ecuador. With the death toll currently above 440 and the injured exceeding 4,000, this is the worst earthquake to strike Ecuador since 1979. Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is in partnership with ReSurge through a surgical outreach program that we help support through fundraising and medical missions.

The ReSurge Surgical Director in Ecuador, Dr. Jorge Palacios, and his team are luckily uninjured. However, not all people who experienced the quake were as lucky.

Dr. Palacios and his crew are assessing the needs. Travel within Ecuador is complicated by the earthquake. ReSurge’s Ecuador team works in Guayaquil and Portoviejo, close to the epicenter of the disaster. Given the severity of the disaster, Dr. Palacios estimates that he and his Surgical Team will see an influx of at least 300 additional injured patients.

To effectively address common earthquake-related injuries (such as burns from unexpected urban fires and down power lines, as well as broken limbs and wounds from falling debris), ReSurge’s Ecuador Team needs your help.

Right now, ReSurge is focused on ensuring survivors have access to safe surgical care and sending medical supplies.

Assist ReSurge in their emergency response efforts by making a donation today.

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