In collaboration with the Congressional Global Health Caucus, ReSurge International and the Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma and Anesthesia Care (The G4 Alliance) hosted a Congressional Briefing on Surgical Care and the Global Need on May 10, in Washington, DC.

To support their mission to build surgical capacity and provide reconstructive surgical care for those in need, ReSurge works to raise the profile of surgical care as a critical component of global health and advocates to the U.S. government and in the UN system for greater access to care.

Dr. Kiran Nakarmi, ReSurge Nepal's surgical outreach director.

Dr. Kiran Nakarmi, ReSurge Nepal’s surgical outreach director.

Dr. Kiran Nakarmi, ReSurge Nepal’s surgical outreach director, joined speakers from the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery, Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and others on Capitol Hill. They shared the latest findings on the global impact of this public health issue, as well as cost-effective strategies for strengthening health systems and increasing access to surgical care to those in low-income countries.

Following the briefing, Dr. Nakarmi stopped by our flagship Garden City office and was welcomed by physicians, staff, and residents. Residents will now be able to accompany our physicians on ReSurge missions. The evening was a great platform for idea exchange and interaction.

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