kybella-blog-image-300x222At Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, our team is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in plastic surgery. As part of our comprehensive list of cosmetic treatments, we are pleased to announce the addition of KYBELLA to our collection of non-surgical product offerings. This innovative injectable is designed to treat the common concern known as a double chin, helping patients achieve a more desirable neck profile.

With its recent FDA approval, KYBELLA has become the first treatment of its kind to effectively reduce excess fatty tissue beneath the chin. This contouring is possible due to its active ingredient deoxycholic acid, which naturally occurs in the body to break down fat. When carefully administered into the trouble area beneath the chin, patients can gradually notice a more toned appearance.

Prior to this injectable solution, patients were limited to procedures like liposuction and neck lift surgery to achieve a more defined neck. Now, with the arrival of KYBELLA, our surgeons are pleased to offer a less invasive alternative to help patients eliminate their unwanted double chin, as well as improve their self-confidence.

If you are interested in coming in for a consultation to learn if KYBELLA can help you reach your cosmetic goals, please contact us today!