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Dr. Cohen Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Cohen,

Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on my son Fritz’s forehead last evening. This way, he will have a fading (scar) story about it, rather than a lifelong one!! Rest assured that Fritz’s mom will be gushing (no pun intended) about your skills throughout Rye, where there are plenty of children running into solid objects!!”

All my best,
Chris – March 2018*

Dear Dr. Cohen,

We cannot thank you enough for the care, skill, attention, and service you provided to my Mom, both at the hospital and at your office. To know she was in your expert hands and warm disposition at a very scary time provides great peace. We are very appreciative of the excellence with which you perform your specialty and put your patients, my mom, at ease. You are a blessing for which we are so grateful.”

MW – December 2017

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