If you have suffered injury or deformity to the hands that inhibits proper function and has an affect on your appearance, there are ways to correct these conditions that can give you an improved aesthetic and better functionality. The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group includes some of the most skilled and experienced hand reconstruction surgeons in the area. One of our Centers of Excellence here at LIPSG is devoted to Microsurgery and Hand Reconstruction, serving patients with state-of-the-art procedures performed by surgeons with extensive, specialized training. Hand reconstruction surgery may involve reconstruction or repair or replacement of limbs, joints, skin, and other affected tissue. Many of our hand reconstruction surgeons have been trained and educated at some of the most respected medical institutions in the country that specialize in these types of complex procedures.

For more information on hand reconstruction surgery at our Long Island, New York practice, or to schedule a consultation with one of our plastic and reconstructive surgeons, please contact LIPSG.

Reasons for Hand Reconstruction

Congenital Deformities

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



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