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Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Gives Back

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group (LIPSG) was founded in 1948 with a dedication to compassionate and comprehensive patient care. LIPSG also has a strong commitment to and long history of utilizing the collective medical expertise of our surgeons to provide reconstructive surgical care to people who lack access and help those who are medically underserved.. Among many charitable endeavors, LIPSG is proud to partner with ReSurge International to provide life-changing medical care to patients suffering from grievous injuries, congenital conditions, and preventable disabilities.
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About ReSurge International

Since 1969 ReSurge International has provided reconstructive surgical care and built surgical capacity in developing countries. Their approach to tackling the need for reconstructive care is multi-faceted. Not only do they organize surgeons to treat patients in need across the globe, they also train the surgical teams in the countries they serve and work to increase surgical access for future generations.


The LIPSG and ReSurge Partnership

Through partnership with ReSurge, our highly skilled surgeons travel to areas that are lacking in basic medical care or trained specialists. Once there, they can provide surgical care to restore function for patients who have been injured or born with defects that limit their mobility, basic capacity, or ability to work. In addition to helping people in a way that vastly improves their lives, our surgeons are also able to share their knowledge to train local medical staff. Learn more about our commitment to medical education both locally and worldwide.

In addition to our volunteer work with ReSurge, we have established The Dr. Vincent DiGregorio Fellowship Fund to provide financial support to this very worthwhile cause. The Fund honors the memory of former LIPSG surgeon Dr. Vincent DiGregorio and sustains his commitment to providing medical care and surgical training to populations in need. Learn more about Dr. DiGregorio and the fund.

Recently Dr. Thomas Davenport shared stories from his ReSurge trip to Dehradun India, showing the life-transforming work the physicians accomplish through ReSurge International.

Why Work in Developing Countries?

At Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, we are committed to taking an active role in our local communities throughout New York. We also recognize the great privilege we have in access to world-class hospitals, educational institutions, and medical resources, especially in contrast to the dire need for reconstructive surgeons in developing countries.

In areas of South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, the lack of available medical care is compounded by the fact that injuries such as burns and traffic accidents occur at much higher rates than in developed countries. Without access to reconstructive care, injuries or congenital anomalies that would easily be treated in the United States can become life-threatening in other areas of the world. We are honored to utilize our skills to provide life-saving surgical care and gratified to share our knowledge in order to train surgical staff abroad and bolster increased access to care where it is most needed.

You Can Help Change a Life

The team at LIPSG is devoted to helping others, but now we are asking for your help. ReSurge International is widely regarded as a highly efficient and upstanding organization, with 86% of the operation budget allocated directly to life-changing medical programs. Any and every contribution makes a difference to someone in need.

The Dr. Vincent DiGregorio Fellowship Fund

The Dr. Vincent DiGregorio Fellowship Fund at ReSurge International was established to honor Dr. DiGregorio and sustain his commitment to providing medical care and surgical training to populations in need.
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Make A Donation

  • $50 can provide one week of post-op antibiotics and other medications for a patient
  • $75 can cover the cost of anesthesia for one patient’s procedure
  • $150 can provide wound care kits for 15 patients
  • $350 can change one person’s life through a cleft palate or burn reconstruction surgery

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