Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery

Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery

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For patients that have recently undergone a skin cancer removal procedure (clinically referred to as Mohs surgery), our expert plastic surgeons offer Mohs reconstruction. This is a plastic surgery procedure designed to restore the appearance of the skin following cancer lesion excision.


Mohs Reconstruction Surgery In NYC & Long Island, New York

The plastic surgeons at New York Plastic Surgical Group, a Division of Long Island Plastic Surgical Group are experienced in all forms of facial plastic surgery procedures and experts in Mohs reconstructive surgery. Depending on the needs of the patient, we are experienced in collaborating with ​​a surgical dermatologist or Mohs specialty surgeon as needed for Mohs reconstruction following cancer removal. We’re dedicated to providing patients with natural-looking results and minimizing all evidence of Mohs tissue removal. Our skilled surgeons can minimize the telltale signs of Mohs surgery, restoring beautiful, scarless skin at the surgical site.

Mohs Reconstruction Consultation

Your surgical journey begins with a personal Mohs reconstruction consultation with one of our plastic surgeons to determine your clinical needs and cosmetic goals. We work in collaboration with your Mohs surgeon. Your reconstruction evaluation should take place before Mohs surgery so we can ensure an optimal timeline and treatment schedule. It’s important that you provide your Mohs reconstruction surgeon with a complete medical history, as well as your skin cancer diagnosis from your dermatologist. This information will help to determine the treatment plan that best fits your needs and goals. During your consultation, your Mohs reconstruction surgeon will also evaluate and include a treatment plan for complications from prior treatments including poor scarring, scar contractures or keloids.

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Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery

For most patients, reconstructive surgery is recommended by your surgeon immediately following Mohs surgery. Large defects due to deeper skin cancer removal in areas such as the nose, ears, or around the eyes may require a local flap or a skin graft to restore cosmetic features and function. However, some Mohs procedures may not necessitate any reconstructive surgery. If larger reconstructions are required, your surgeon may recommend a more extensive procedure performed in the operating room (OR) under general anesthesia.

Mohs Reconstruction Recovery

Depending upon the size and depth of the cancerous tissue removed, recovery can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Mohs incisions are typically closed with sutures to keep scarring to a minimum.

Mohs Reconstruction Results

Mohs surgery is the most advanced and successful treatment for many types of skin cancer and has a cure rate of up to 99%.1

Schedule Your Consultation For Mohs Reconstruction

If you’ve undergone skin cancer removal with Mohs surgery and would like to learn more about Mohs reconstruction, please contact us for a personal consultation. LIPSG surgeons are experienced in Mohs reconstruction and look forward to providing you with a treatment plan that ensures peace of mind and cancer-free skin.

FAQs About Mohs Surgery

Is reconstruction always necessary after Mohs surgery?

Not all Mohs patients require reconstruction. While not medically necessary, Mohs reconstruction is often desired when the Mohs surgery leaves a large depression or wound in the skin. Because Mohs is a multi-step process, it is unknown how much tissue will need to be excised from any patient prior to beginning the surgery.

Is a skin graft required for Mohs reconstruction?

If too much tissue has been removed to be easily covered with a local flap, a Mohs reconstruction surgeon can use a skin graft from elsewhere on the body. If this step is deemed necessary to achieve a cosmetically pleasing result, we recommend scheduling the skin graft portion of the procedure several days following the initial Mohs surgery to allow the wound to start healing, which can often improve the final result.

How long does Mohs reconstruction take?

For most patients, Mohs surgery and reconstruction takes less than 4 hours. However, we generally ask that patients plan to take the entire day off since there’s a chance the procedure could take longer.2

Is Mohs reconstruction covered by insurance?

When a dermatologic surgeon refers a patient for Mohs reconstruction, many insurance companies will cover the cost of the procedure as it is considered medically necessary.

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