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Full Face Lift

A face lift is one of the most common facial surgery procedures available to help you turn back the hands of time and improve an array of aesthetic issues in the face. Deep folds, wrinkles, and other signs of age can be significantly reduced by tightening underlying facial muscles and smoothing out the skin. A face lift also eliminates excess facial fat and tightens the skin, creating a more youthful appearance with results that look natural and beautiful. Our plastic surgeons at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group are highly skilled and respected physicians who can help you look years younger with long-lasting results. Many of our doctors are specialty-trained in facial plastic surgery procedures and have been educated at some of the most respected medical institutions in the world, including Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Harvard, Duke University, McGill University, University of Toronto and the Gloucester Royal Hospital in Gloucester, England. Surgeons at LIPSG have been at the forefront of some of the latest face lift techniques, and can help you attain your ultimate goals without people knowing you’ve had plastic surgery.

To schedule a consultation for face lift surgery at our Long Island, New York practice, please contact LIPSG today . Our face lift consultations involve Vectra 3-D technology, a system which gives you a computer-generated look at the possible results of your procedure. This allows you to see how face lift can benefit you before stepping foot into the operating room.


A face lift, medically referred to as rhytidectomy, is designed for patients who have skin that still has some elasticity, as well as strong bone structure. Most patients who have face lift surgery are in their 40′s to 60′s; however, older patients and even those slightly younger can benefit from this procedure. Those who need less significant facial rejuvenation may also benefit from effective alternatives to face lift surgery, such as the MACS facelift, mini-facelift, or a variety of cosmetic injectable fillers that can provide more subtle results.

Contact our experienced plastic surgeons here at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group for a one-on-one consultation. We will be happy to discuss all aspects of the face lift procedure with you and address any concerns you may have.

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