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Breast Revision

Breast revision, or breast augmentation revision surgery can help women who are dissatisfied with a previous breast enlargement or breast reconstruction procedure. By correcting complications or unhappiness with results stemming from your first surgical experience, our skilled plastic surgeons at LIPSG can perform breast revision surgery to address those concerns and provide you with the beautiful, natural-looking results you had originally hoped for. Many of our doctors at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group have specialty training in breast surgery procedures and are committed to helping you attain your ultimate goals. At our Aesthetic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery Center, a designated Center of Excellence within our practice, problems from prior procedures can often be solved, and the results can be better than you imagined.

Breast Revision

For many women, breast augmentation surgery is a way to achieve fuller breasts that are in better proportion with their body frame. They can also provide a boost to self-esteem and make women feel more youthful and sensual. However, some patients find that their original breast augmentation procedure has not yielded the results they had hoped for, and others are affected by complications that have arisen after the procedure. Reasons patients may desire breast revision surgery include:

  • Breast implants are too large or too small
  • The desire to switch from saline to silicone implants or vice/versa
  • The desire to go back to their original breast size
  • Capsular contracture, scar tissue forming around the implant that can cause a painful hardened feeling in the breasts
  • Implant deflation or rupture
  • Rippling appearance to the implant
  • Infection around incision sites
  • Asymmetrical appearance caused by shifting of the implant or awkward implant shape

Breast revision surgery or implant removal may also be necessary if a patient is undergoing unrelated health problems such as breast cancer, which may be more easily treated without the implant.

Your LIPSG plastic surgeon will meet with you in an initial breast revision surgery consultation to discuss all aspects of breast revision surgery, your goals for results, and whether breast revision surgery is the right procedure for your unique needs. At your initial consultation, we can also provide you with a 3-D Vectra computer image of the likely results from your procedure. This state-of-the-art technology combines patient data and photos of you into a computer-generated image. The image displays the possible outcome of breast revision surgery to give you an idea of how you may ultimately look.

Breast Revision Procedure

Breast Revision Recovery

Breast Revision Risks


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