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Many people feel self-conscious about the appearance of a “double chin.” This cosmetic concern can be caused by loose tissue and/or excess fatty tissue in the upper neck, creating a less defined profile. While a double chin has traditionally been corrected with liposuction or a neck lift, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group now offers the non-surgical solution known as KYBELLA™, which treats excess fat through special injectable treatments.

This innovative procedure is the first of its kind to be FDA-approved for the reduction of submental fullness (or excess fat under the chin). Its active ingredient–deoxycholic acid, which occurs naturally in the body–breaks down fat when injected into the trouble area under the chin. As this unwanted tissue gradually depletes and is removed via metabolic processes, patients can begin to see a more desirable neck and chin contour.


The KYBELLA™ Procedure

KYBELLA™ Recovery


Kybella Before and After

Photos courtesy of Kybella
Photos courtesy of Kybella
Photos courtesy of Kybella
Photos courtesy of Kybella
Photos courtesy of Kybella

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