Breast Lift with Implants

Patient 18

Dr. Kilgo

A woman in her 50s presented to me for revision of her breast augmentation mastopexy. She previously had undergone breast augmentation with 630 cc Biocell textured implants in her 20s. This was followed later by bilateral mastopexies several years prior to seeing me in consultation. She desired to have her implants removed and replaced with smaller implants. In addition, she presented with symmastia secondary to over dissection of the pockets during her initial surgery as well as inferior implant malposition. She also had severe rippling secondary to poor soft tissue coverage, particularly along the medial aspect of both breasts. This required a complicated revisional surgery involving removal of her breast implants, capsulectomy, and soft-tissue reinforcement with Strattice. The implants were also downsized significantly to 450 cc. She also required a revision of her mastopexy. The result demonstrates significant improvement with correction of her symmastia, better implant position and improved soft tissue coverage with near resolution of her rippling. The postoperative photos were taken approximately 6 months after her procedure.

*individual results may vary
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