Revision Rhinoplasty

Patient 133

Dr. Reish

A woman in her 40s, who had a previous rhinoplasty which left her with tip asymmetry, nostril asymmetry, a foreshortened nasal tip with overly elevated tip defining point, and a bulbous tip. She also underwent a previous chin implant which resulted in sagging of her chin pad. She is now two years post-op from revision rhinoplasty and revision chin implant with resuspension of her chin soft tissue to prevent sagging of the chin. Her revision rhinoplasty included correction of nasal tip asymmetry, tip derotation, lowering the tip defining point, tip refinement, mastoid fascia tip graft to unify her tip, and placement of a columellar strut graft and extended spreader grafts using MTF cartilage to add tip support, tip refinement, and improve her breathing.

*individual results may vary
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