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Tissue Expansion

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Tissue expansion procedures are innovative techniques for helping women restore the breasts after mastectomy or injury. This surgical reconstruction technique can be very effective in restoring a natural-looking breast and helping patients attain their goals as they recover from a physical and emotionally painful stage of their lives. Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons at the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group have specialty-trained at some of the most respected medical institutions in the world. Many of our doctors have spent a great deal of their careers focusing on reconstructive procedures utilizing the latest techniques, and are committed to providing you with results that look natural and beautiful.

Reconstructive surgery with tissue expansion procedures allow for the creation of excess skin needed to reconstruct other areas of the body. In breast reconstruction, tissue expansion is used in to rebuild the breast mound and/or create a pocket for a breast implant. This procedure can also repair skin that has been damaged from birth or from traumatic injury, as well as serve to prepare for a cosmetic treatment.

With tissue expansion, a silicone balloon expander is inserted just below the skin’s surface. Over a series of appointments, one of our surgeons with the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group will inject saline solution into the balloon, expanding the skin and causing it to grow. Once the growth process is complete, the expander is taken away and the tissue is repositioned for reconstruction.

Tissue expansion is beneficial because if offers a near-perfect match in texture, color, and hair-bearing qualities of the surrounding skin. The procedure is known to provide many patients with significant aesthetic improvement and a better quality of life.

Please contact LIPSG for more information on reconstruction surgery with tissue expansion at our Long Island, New York practice. We can also meet with you for an initial reconstruction surgery consultation, where our plastic surgeon can address your questions and concerns. We look forward to helping you attain your ultimate goals and achieve natural-looking restoration that can give you an enhanced appearance and a more positive self-image.

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