Dr. Dobryansky’s Patient Testimonials

Dr. Dobryansky’s Patient Testimonials

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“Dr. Dobryansky and all the staff are amazing. They were informative, honest and I am extremely pleased with the results of my work and look forward to continuing to visit. Thank you to Sherri and the ladies as well, for being approachable and kind! Couldn’t be in better hands.”

Nicole – March 2024*

“I have seen Dr. Dobryansky twice in the past year. Originally i opted for a panniculectomy but due to personal reasons was not able to go through last year. Last week i had a second visit with him for the same procedure with a breast lift and reduction and opted to pay the difference for a full tuck and lipo.

I have gone to numerous surgeons looking for the right fit and from the second I met with Dr. Dobryanksy he has had such a calm and informative demeanor, he is not full of himself much like others I have consulted with, yet he made me feel very comfortable. He took his time and answered a list of questions i had.
I also must say his surgical coordinator Sherry there is no one better. She kept me at ease and presented me with all my options walking me through each step she even went out of her way to share her firsthand experience with surgery and made me feel so much more comfortable.

I am scheduling soon (after getting insurance approval), and I cannot wait. I will recommend this practice and Dr. Dobryanksy over and over!”

Michaela – March 2024*


“I was reluctant to even go to plastics following mohs surgery, but very, very happy I did. Not only was it absolutely necessary, but I could also not believe the miracle that Dr. Dobryansky accomplished! He explained everything as he was working, his follow up care is unsurpassed. If you are in the position of needing plastic surgery, you can absolutely trust that this doctor will do an excellent job, and the level of care is top of the line. I can personally highly recommend him.”

Diana – November 2023*


Dear Dr. Dobryansky,

I just want to thank you so much! You did with one surgery what 3 other surgeries/3 other surgeons could not do. I left the hospital feeling frustrated, hopeless and lost in limbo. The deep, open chest hole I had for 18 months itched all the time! I tried suggestions from other doctors. Prescriptions for anti -itch creams, ice packs, peroxide packing, etcetera and nothing relieved the intense itch.

Then I found YOU! I had surgery February 28th without any complications and the itch was gone! Before surgery I was miserable, irritable and depressed. The 18 months of non-stop itching was driving me CRAZY!

After you performed “Latissmus Dorsi Flap” surgery I felt wonderful! Even my family and friends have seen the positive change in me. You and your staff are AMAZING and YOU, Dr. Dobryansky are my HERO!”

Kathy Z. – April 2017*

Dr. Dobryansky patient testimonial card

Dr. Dobryansky and his wonderful staff made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked in the door. The office is beautiful and state of the art, but more importantly, is the way Dr. Dobryansky makes you feel. His skill as a surgeon is only surpassed by his kindness as a human being. I went to see Dr. Dobryansky after a very significant weight loss for an abdominoplasty and a thigh lift. I was nervous to say the least but he made me feel like anything was possible. Thank you Dr. Dobryansky for your meticulous work, my scaring is minimal and will only fade over time. I would highly recommend Dr. Dobryansky and the staff at LIPSG to family and friends.”

With heartfelt gratitude,
Teresa B. – April 2017*

I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Dobryansky on his professional services as a plastic surgeon. His abilities and bedside manner go above and beyond any other. Dr. Dobryansky takes the time to answer all of my questions to reassure me. He explained the procedure thoroughly and that he would use the best techniques that were right for me. I had a three tier spinal fusion in December 2014 and Dr. Dobryansky was able to realign my muscles over the hardware and close my complex wound. I was extremely happy with how thin the scar was on my lower back. I had another major back surgery in April 2016 and immediately requested Dr. Dobryansky to close the wound. I was worried that I would have additional complications with this surgery because it was in the same location on my back; the muscles needed to be realigned again and scar tissue had developed. I am now one month out of surgery and already see how well the scar on my back is healing. I was extremely pleased and relieved with how Dr. Dobryansky was able to maintain such a thin and small scar over the existing one. I absolutely trust Dr. Dobryansky and give him my highest regard. Thank you again Dr. Dobryansky!”

Wendy – May 2016*

I had a simple request of Dr. Dobryansky upon our first meeting: make me look pretty. Also, do it so that nobody will notice I had injectable fillers. I thought I was giving him an impossible task, but he proved me wrong. He explained every step & made sure to not do more than was needed. When I saw him again, months later, I told him that it had been the first time I felt pretty in a really long time. This remains true, 2 years later. I look like the me I used to know. Aside from his amazing work, he and his staff have a way of making me feel cared for and like there is nothing more important than my needs at that moment. It puts me instantly at ease. Thank you, Dr. Dobryansky.”

L.G. – May 2016*

Dr. Dobryansky and his staff made me feel comfortable from the minute I was greeted. His office is so clean and professional, appointments are timely. I was very nervous to get injectable fillers the first time as I have seen some “botched” lips. Dr. Dobryansky was so patient and really listened to what I wanted. He gave me a few options and described the risks/benefits of each. Working in a professional field myself, I wanted to change the morphology of my lips without it being obvious that I had gotten injectable fillers. I have so much more confidence as he gave me the beautiful lips I’ve always wanted, and kept it natural looking. Not only is his work amazing, but he does not push anything on you. He gives an honest opinion and stays conservative when he feels necessary. The group of neurosurgeons I work with have referred many patients to him for complex wound closures as he does an amazing job. I also have been in his office every 5-6 months for the past 2 years. Thank you, Dr. Dobryansky!”

Michelle – April 2016*

I am writing this thank you note on behalf of my amazing experience at Long Island Plastic Surgery Group with Dr. Dobryansky and staff. Everything about my appointment, and the work I had done was impeccable. When first calling for a consultation, I was squeezed in by the front desk staff for a NEXT day appointment. I was grateful that they accommodated me, as a new patient. Upon my arrival to LIPSG, I was comforted by the front desk staff and immediately was brought to the room by Cristina C. a nurse that worked for the doctor. She was knowledgeable, extremely pleasant and made me feel welcome. Dr. Dobryansky then came inside the room and there I had found my new plastic surgeon. He is considered to me, not only to be an extraordinary plastic surgeon but one of the best medical doctors I have come to know. I was referred to him by a friend that also had breast augmentation and lip fillers, and I am so grateful. As a young woman, I have thin delicate skin and simply wanted a natural lip enhancement. Dr. Dobryansky knew what I wanted from the second I spoke. He took my entire face into consideration, what I wanted vs what will look best and gave me a lip enhancement I am in love with! My lips are even, plump, and I have no complications. He made me feel comfortable, recommended an excellent filler, and I felt confident in his work. I am already looking forward to my next visit. Dr. Dobryansky deserves the utmost credit and respect for the work he performs. I am recommending him to anyone that is interested in having any procedure done.”

Irma – April 2016*

Dr. Dobryansky is the best!!!! He has excellent bed side manner and overall professionalism. He gave me his undivided attention every time we met, specifically at my first consultation where he took as much time as I needed to address all of my concerns. My surgery was October 2015 and since then I can do nothing but rave about my results and have referred everyone I know. I look forward to working with Dr. Dobryansky in the future as he’s phenomenal at what he does. Thank you Dr. Dobryansky!”

Vanessa – February 2016*

Dr. Dobryansky is a very kind and gentle man. He thoroughly explained the procedure I was going to have and patiently answered all of my questions and concerns. My procedure was not covered by insurance and he gave me a very fair price. Dr. Dobryansky is a true professional and I would definitely recommend his services.”

LMS – January 2016*

I would like to take this opportunity to sing my praise to Dr. Dobryansky! I have had a few procedures done by Dr. Dobryansky over the last 5 years and each experience was nothing short of personal and professional. He makes me feel more like family than a patient. I always know that I am in excellent hands! (pun intended). Not only is Dr. Dobryansky a pleasure to deal with, but the whole staff as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of plastic surgery or spa services.”

JF – January 2016*

After four consultations with other doctors I was very pleased I chose Dr. Dobryansky. He carefully listened to EXACTLY what I was looking for, listened to ALL of my concerns and then mapped everything out for me from there. From beginning to end it was a pleasure to work with him. I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and have already recommended handfuls of friends. I appreciated that additional services were not pushed on me, which I experienced at other offices. The facilities aren’t just clean, they are new and beautiful. I was very nervous for the whole procedure, however choosing Dr. Dobryansky made the whole process actually enjoyable and I truly felt at ease.”

Jennifer N. – December 2015*

I came to Dr. Dobryansky on the heels of a bad experience consulting with another plastic surgeon. I had a large lipoma on my shoulder and needed direction on how to remove it. I was very nervous about the procedure and surgery in general. Dr. Dobryansky took the time to answer all of my questions. I left the consultation calm and confident that I had found the best solution. His staff was extremely patient and helpful in facilitating the procedure. The surgery went very well. The scar is minimal and is healing much quicker than I anticipated. I would highly recommend Dr. Dobryansky and Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, and would not hesitate to go back in the future.”

Dina Z. – October 2015*

Dr. Dobryansky is a phenomenal doctor. In my opinion, trust is the most important component of the doctor/patient relationship. I completely trust Dr. Dobryansky. He is a very skilled, sincere and knowledgeable professional. I especially value the fact that he doesn’t push his aesthetic or additional services onto a patient. Dr. Dobryansky took the time to discuss the results I was looking to achieve and answered all of my questions. He has amazing bedside manner and makes his patients feel comfortable.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Dobryansky. Without a doubt, I recommend him to all my friends and family. I am extremely happy that I’ve found such an amazing doctor and I look forward to seeing him again.”

Yelena – October 2015*

After weeks of tireless research, I decided to have a lip enhancement done using Dr. Dobryansky (Dr. D). I was extremely nervous and scared at the thought of something going wrong or not achieving a desirable outcome, but opted to try it anyway. From the moment I met Dr. D, I knew I had chosen the perfect doctor. Dr. D is one of the most patient Doctors that I have ever met. He answered all of my tireless questions and made me feel at ease with the procedure. Dr. D is extremely knowledgeable and truly listens to what his patients want. He understands what his patients are looking for and does not try to push his own agenda or force his opinion on you. My friend Angela and I, both, use Dr. D for our lip enhancement and might add that we prefer two completely different looks. I choose more of a subtle and natural look, while Angela prefers a fuller look. Dr. D satisfies both of our desired outcomes and does so with minimal-to-no bruising. Bruising is something that I’ve noticed when I see other women get lip injections. It has now been over 3 years that Angela and I have been using Dr. D and we are extremely happy with the service he provides. I would 100% recommend Dr. Dobryansky to anyone, he is honest, patient, and delivers great results every single time.”


I am not new to the process of holding back the hands of time. I have seen a few plastic surgeons in this quest. Dr. Dobryansky will be the last as he embodies all I am looking for in a doctor. I came to him for convenience as the office is close to home. I will stay with him because of his skill. Dr. Dobryansky is assured without being pompous. He has a deft and gentle hand. I am confident he didn’t try to sell me a procedure I do not need. But will be available to guide me to services that will to be my benefit. I look forward to a long relationship.”

Sincerely, – LRI*

Dr Dobryansky is a wonderful doctor. I was so impressed with him during my consultation that I knew I had found my surgeon. Dr. Dobryansky listens and really cares, he makes sure you understand what he will be doing and sympathizes with any fears you may have and calms them. His staff is very professional and caring during and after surgery. I thank you Dr. D for your patience and the attention you gave me concerning the sculpting of my body, I am so pleased with the result of my mini-tummy tuck. I would recommend him to anyone that’s interested in doing any type of plastic surgery. I am so looking forward to wearing my two piece swim suit this summer.”

Barbara – June 1, 2015*

I lost 110 pounds, and being the mom of 3 (and a set of twins) the extra skin on my stomach needed to come off and my breasts needed to be lifted. I went to another surgeon but wasn’t happy with the follow up; a good friend gave me Dr. Dobryansky’ s number. I felt very comfortable from the start to the finish. He answered all my questions and put me at ease. The surgical center was great. My entire experience was awesome. I was of course ready for the discomfort and pain. I had talked to people and read up on the recovery. To my SURPRISE (I had the shot of the pain blocker injected during surgery into my stomach, was well worth the small additional cost) I was in very little pain, some discomfort the first few days, trying to figure out how to use the drains and learning how to move around. But I went back to work within a week. Surgery was Wednesday and I was back to work the following Thursday. The Tummy tuck was great, the breast lift caused a little more discomfort. I was off the pain killers the 2nd day and used Tylenol extra strength to take the edge off. Overall I could not be happier with EVERYTHING. I feel like I’m 25 again (I’m 49) and can’t begin to thank Dr. Dobryansky for changing my life!!!! I would recommend Dr. Dobryansky to everyone with flying colors!!!!”

RV – May 26, 2015*

Dear Dr. Dobryansky,
I would like to express my gratitude for the outstanding care and kindness you have shown me. Our journey together started in 2012 with breast reduction surgery. In 2014, I found a lump in my breast. Needless to say, I was scared and anxious. You immediately put me at ease by making me feel like a person and not just a patient. As a special favor to me, you offered to remove the lump. Instead of having a biopsy done, and left to worry. Dr. Dobryansky, you and your staff at Babylon LIPSG, have left a lasting positive impression. I am forever grateful.”

With love,
Mary Ann Mais – March 2015*

Dear Dr. Dobryansky,
I would like to express my gratitude for the outstanding care and kindness you have shown me. Our journey together started in 2012 with breast reduction surgery. In 2014, I found a lump in my breast. Needless to say, I was scared and anxious. You immediately put me at ease by making me feel like a person and not just a patient. As a special favor to me, you offered to remove the lump. Instead of having a biopsy done, and left to worry. Dr. Dobryansky, you and your staff at Babylon LIPSG, have left a lasting positive impression. I am forever grateful.”

With love,
Mary Ann Mais – March 2015*

Dr. Dobryansky testimonial

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