Posted in: Breast Cancer Blog , Monday October 12, 2020

By Haritha B. Veeramachaneni, MD

Telehealth, also referred to as telemedicine, is a great way to connect with your physician and stay on top of your healthcare needs. In this video, Dr. Haritha B. Veeramachaneni (also known as “Dr. Veera”), takes us through the benefits and ease of a virtual consultation, what can be accomplished, and how to best prepare for your visit.

Whether you have elective concerns or medically emergent needs, our physicians have the ability to service you digitally. In addition to utilizing a HIPAA complaint platform that ensures your information is kept private and secure, our virtual appointments allow for an increase in schedule flexibility. In fact, many of our doctors offer both evening and Saturday hours.

During a virtual visit, your physician is able to share before and after photos of other patients, show you devices involved in your procedure (such as breast expanders, drains, and implants), and educate you on the surgery process.

Tips for making the most of your virtual visit include: finding a well-lit, private area in your home (as you may have to disrobe), minimizing background noise and interruptions from family members, and confirming you have access to a strong WIFI connection.