Posted in: Breast Cancer Blog , Friday October 15, 2021

Video Transcript

Hi guys. It’s Laura coming to you from the Babylon office. As you know, it is breast cancer awareness month. And with that being said, I would like to talk to you about a very special facial that we are offering here at Deep Med Spa. It is called The Harmony Facial by Is Clinical. The Harmony Facial was specifically designed for cancer patients who are undergoing and have been through cancer treatments. This facial is wonderful for sensitive, irritated, and compromised skin. The ingredients that are used during this facial include olive leaf extract, which is not only known to help soothe the skin, but it is also known for its antibacterial agents as well, tripeptides and hyaluronic acid. This facial will not only leave you feeling good and with a beautiful glow, but most importantly, it will leave you with a confident smile.