Posted in: Breast Cancer Blog , Friday October 16, 2020

I am Rita Grey…I’m a dreamer with my feet on the ground and my heart on a cloud. I’m a daughter, mother, and grandma.

Here is how I faced my experience with Breast Cancer:

When I received my diagnosis: I didn’t know what to feel, I was confused until I allowed my heart to cry out. Doing this allowed me to understand that I am vulnerable, and I’m not made of steel as I thought. I learned to cry, and that tears would wash away my sadness, and I could see things more clearly.

How breast cancer changed me: Before cancer, I was a radical person, I was my toughest critic. Now, I have learned to be flexible, I am accepting of change, and tolerant with others and myself. I don’t judge anyone, especially ME. I take time for myself. Life is a gift that we underestimate when we’re healthy.

My strength came from: My kids, myself, the man I love, and my doctors: Dr. Manal Hegazy, Dr. John J. Loscalzo, and Dr. Michael Dobryansky. Every time they looked at me, they would follow by saying these words: “YOU GOT THIS,” “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TOMORROW?,” “WHERE WILL WE GO OVER WINTER?,” and other things that helped to push me FORWARD.

My support came from: My amazing co-workers, these women are warriors of life, every single one of them is so powerful; and my beautiful kids, and my loving boyfriend.