Posted in: Breast Cancer Blog , Tuesday October 19, 2021

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Stacyann. I’m one of the Medical Aestheticians here at Deep Blue Med Spa. I have been in the field of aesthetics for seven years, and I’ve been with Deep Blue Med Spa for two years. Chemo and radiation really impacts the skin by making it very sensitive to the sun. It can cause dryness, it can cause irritation to the skin, it even can cause discoloration. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on that part that’s being radiated, but it can be anywhere on the body. Some good skincare guidelines to follow during treatment, or after treatment, would be making sure you’re wearing sunscreen, SPF between a 30 and a 50. Steer clear of your acids, your glycolics, your salicylics, your retinols, your Retin A’s. Anything topical prescription strength, you definitely want to check with your physician before applying. I typically ask patients to steer clear of fragrances during chemo and radiation, because of the cell turnover, again, everything should be soothing to the skin, hydrating. You don’t want to cause any more irritation to the skin’s barrier.

Some of the ingredients that patients should look for are things such as ceramides, natural lipids, niacinamide, oatmeal. Those are all nourishing to the skin. The Advanced Replenishing from Pearl Blue is one of the moisturizers that I strongly recommend. We do have the signature facial, as well as the sensitive skin facial, which is totally customizable, based on what your technician sees at the time of treatment. We do work very closely with our PAs and doctors here on board at Deep Blue Med Spa. However, still highly recommend you checking with your physician before coming in.