Posted in: NYPS Group News , Friday October 14, 2016

One of Dr. Barry K. Douglas’ original drawings is once again being featured on the cover of the Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons regional conference journal for the thirteenth year. Dr. Douglas’ artwork in previous years have included locations such as Boston, Florida, Philadelphia, Washington D.C.,  Bermuda and others. He has used an array of mediums, such as pastels, water color,  and pen and ink.

The ink drawing of the Baltimore, Maryland landscape is the most recent composition created specifically for the conference, which runs from October 14th -16th this year. There are multiple references to Baltimore’s rich history concealed within the drawing, such as Fort McHenry, a can of Baltimore’s National Bohemian Beer, the logo of a famous sports apparel company founded in Baltimore,  and lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner.

Can you find the 25 hidden items in the drawing?


1.  A Baltimore oriole (avian)
2.  A Baltimore Oriole logo
3.  A ship named Baltimore
4.  A ship named Oriole
5 . A Maryland crab
6 . A small Koala
7 . A Baltimore raven (avian)
8 . A Baltimore Raven’s helmet
9 . An American flag c 1814
10.  A Cheshire cat
11 . The fort that inspired the SSB (M’Henry)
12 . Can of Baltimore’s Nat’l Bohemian Beer
13 . Ship named after the author of the SSB
14 . Baltimore: The first umbrella factory in the US launched in what year
15 . Baltimore: The first manned balloon launched in what year
16 . Baltimore-DC: The first US telegraph line launched in what year
17 . The bombs bursting in air
18 . The name of a famous Baltimore piano manufacturer whose original factory site is now the home of the team in #8 above
19 . Lucy and 5c will listen to your problems
20 . Baltimore born Olympic swimming champion (Phelps)
21 . Logo of a famous sports apparel company founded in Baltimore
22 . FSK writing a poem
23 . The first four lines of the SSB
24 . The entire first verse of the SSB
25 . Originally called ‘The Defense of Fort M’Henry’, the SSB was written in what year