Posted in: NYPS Group News, Practice Information , Monday August 3, 2015

“Obesity is not a natural state. Your kids were meant to have a lifetime of fitness,” Dr. Frederick N. Lukash told a full house of parents, teens and kids at LIPSG’s recent “Restore Point” event.

Dr. Lukash spoke to concerned parents (and their kids) at the July 27th event at the LIPSG offices in Garden City Long Island.  During the two hour event, Dr. Lukash spoke about the premise of his new book, The Restore Point, The Safe and Sane Guide to a Lifetime of Lean for Kids and Families.

Dr. Lukash explained that the premise of his new book is that the human body was meant by evolution to be strong and lean.  Obesity is like malware and computer viruses.  We pick them up because we are eating highly-processed foods we were not meant to eat.  But kids and teens (and adults, too) can set their bodies’  “Restore Point” back to a fit and lean version much like a computer can be restored to its  “factory fresh” working order.

By eating simply and naturally, kids and teens fighting obesity can reset their metabolisms with a minimum of complexity. Dr. Lukash’s easy beginners program of basic fitness moves helps, too.

Dr. Lukash told parents that his program’s simplicity makes it compatible with programs like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and that it is more a “set of principles” than a diet.

“Some kids are like Mac computers,” said Dr. Lukash.  “They can resist the malware of processed foods, fats and highly caloric eating options because their metabolisms can handle them.  Other kids are more like PCs and are at higher risk for being unable to resist the metabolism slowing effect of these foods.  My system speaks to both types of kids.  It will keep those lean kids lean for a lifetime and it will help “restore” obese or overweight kids to that lifetime of lean we all want.”

The Restore Point is Dr. Lukash’s second published book.  His first, The Safe and Sane Guide to Teenage Plastic Surgery was called “a necessary book” by The New Yorker magazine (