Posted in: NYPS Group News , Friday April 7, 2017

On Saturday March 18th, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group hosted the 7th annual OR Education Day here in our Garden City Office. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that all operating room staff has full, in depth emergency response training to address rare emergency situations, such as fire in the operating room, review of crash cart equipment, as well as “code blue” review. The day is hands on, and members of LIPSG’s OR staff explore every possible scenario in order to train for the unexpected. In addition to the OR staff, ancillary staff is also in attendance so they are educated and prepared to assist, should there be a clinical emergency in the office.

The OR Committee is led by Dr. Barry Douglas, who is Director of LIPSG’s operating suites. Both the Garden City and Manhattan  locations are equipped with private ORs. This training meets all of the educational requirements for AAAASF. “Quad A” or The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc., ensures the highest quality of standards in the operating room. Accredited facilities have been inspected and have met 100% of the standards set by AAAASF for accreditation. This certification means dedicated staff members are maintaining safety standards, and a significant investment is made to ensure that all safety items in the “crash cart” are current and viable in the event that they are needed.

This training has developed from a simple program run by 2 or 3 people, to an all-day event made possible by the contribution of many staff members. Debbie Rapuano, RN, does a wonderful job taking the lead and directing the organization of the event. Dr. Scott Kane, Board Certified Anesthesiologist with our partner in care, General Anesthesia Services, LLP, also joined in and presented on safety topics relevant to the administration of anesthesia. Not only does this training assure that every single member of the LIPSG clinical staff is prepared and trained for emergencies, it also aids in team building and trust among OR staffers.

Our cosmetic surgery patients can opt for a luxurious experience that combines both the comfort and intimacy of an exclusive location. When it comes to cosmetic plastic surgery, we believe that our job extends far beyond an end result. At Long Island Plastic Surgical Group we are deeply committed to ensuring that each and every one of our patients feels safe throughout their entire surgical experience. The patient experience is the heart of our mission, and safety is always paramount.