Posted in: NYPS Group News , Tuesday April 21, 2015
LIPSG Office

With a combined expertise of over 250 years, the surgeons of Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, PC cover every safe and effective plastic surgical option available today. From rhinoplasty (nose jobs) to breast augmentation, from facial implants to cancer reconstruction, from ear pinning for kids to mommy makeovers – the collective expertise of LIPSG, the largest and longest running plastic surgery practice in North America, is unrivaled.

We’re proud to feature our physicians in the LIPSG Spotlight series of blogs, where our surgeons will have the opportunity to talk directly with you on his or her passion for transformation–for the possibilities of a happier, healthier life that the art and science of plastic surgery affords.

The series will also feature our Deep Blue Med Spa aesthetic experts, who will give you an insider perspective on the best and most scientifically up-to-date anti-aging, pro-health skin solutions available today. These options are often used in tandem with surgical solutions–once you’ve made an investment in yourself, it just makes sense to protect it with state-of-the-art maintenance.

If you’ve ever had a question about bettering your face or body or about ways in which surgical options can help you, the LIPSG Spotlight Blog Series is the place you’ll find them answered.

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