Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Rebrands to New York Plastic Surgical Group
, Friday March 10, 2023

The Largest and Longest Running Private and AcademicPlastic Surgery Group in the Nation Celebrates its 75th Anniversary with a Name Change to Reflect its Tri-State Area Growth 

Tommaso Addona, MD, FACS standing in an operating room

NEW YORK (March 8, 2023) —This year marks an incredible milestone for Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, as the legacy private plastic surgery group celebrates its 75th anniversary with a rebrand to New York Plastic Surgical Group (NYPS Group).

With ten locations and counting that span Long Island, New York City, Connecticut, and Westchester, among others, the name change is designed to build on the history of excellence defined by the largest and longest running private plastic surgery group in the nation.

Providing comprehensive care will remain the practice’s chief priority. “We look forward to continuing to offer patients the most advanced reconstructive and cosmetic options in a safe and compassionate environment,” says Tommaso Addona, MD, FACS, and President of NYPS Group, adding, “Even though the name is changing, the commitment to the field of plastic surgery and the patients within it is not.”

With this rebrand comes the opening of NYPS Group’s newest Deep Blue Med Spa — its fourth location and first in Manhattan. The comprehensive medical spa offering more than 50+ customizable treatments clinically proven to rejuvenate, restore, and refresh — ranging from facial treatments and injectables to body contouring — is overseen by the highly-experienced, award-winning plastic surgeons at NYPS Group.

Deep Blue’s medical providers are medical aestheticians, along with highly trained licensed board-certified physician assistants and nurse practitioners that have extensive experience (in the top 1% of Botox providers in the nation) in administering treatments. Staff includes injectable trainers for Galderma and Allergan, who specialize in best techniques for utilization of injectables.

For additional information, please visit nyplasticsurgical.com.


2023 will mark the 75th anniversary of NYPS Group. The practice comprises 22 plastic surgeons and is the oldest and largest private and academic plastic surgery practice in the United States. NYPS Group’s main facility is located in Garden City, NY, and the practice has additional offices in East Hills, Babylon, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Flushing, Huntington, Westchester, and Connecticut. NYPS Group also operates Deep Blue Med Spa, which offers clinically proven skin rejuvenation procedures and body treatments, and Dr.STITCH, a 24/7 on-call service and hotline. NYPS Group surgeons also do extensive international charity surgery work through their support of ReSurge International.