Posted in: Our Experts , Thursday March 30, 2023

Board-certified plastic surgeon and NYPS Group partner Dr. Michael Dobryansky speaks to why some people are seeking procedures to remove the volume from their faces, such as with buccal fat removal, while others are “going under the needle” to add more volume. He was recently quoted on in the article Why Cheeks Have Become the Latest Plastic Surgery Fixation.

What do most of your patients tend to come in for?
I see a range of patients with facial and body concerns, mostly related to signs of aging.

Which procedures have you seen gain popularity within the last few years?
I’ve seen an increase in noninvasive facial rejuvenation treatments, such as threads and various skin tightening devices with radio frequency, such as Profound and Morpheus8.

Have you dealt with patients with “Ozempic face” or gauntness due to weight loss?
Yes, I have seen many of these patients over time. Weight loss has always been a major factor in facial volume loss, not just dissent.

Have you done buccal fat removal? If so, are you able to share the average age range of the patient seeking this procedure?
Yes, most of my patients wanting buccal fat removal are young with a relatively heavy lower mid face. They are typically in their late 20s to early 40s. Beyond that, people start seeing facial volume loss due to aging, which is also a reason why some surgeons will not perform this procedure. They don’t want to exacerbate facial volume loss.

Which procedures were the most common 20 years ago? What about now? 
Twenty years ago facial anti-aging treatment was much more surgically- focused than it is today. Non-surgical options were once very limited. However, as the field of aesthetics has evolved, the conversation has shifted to include non-surgical options for the right candidate. People are coming in younger to talk about facial rejuvenation and prevention. I see many patient in their 20s who want to address the lines on their forehead, two decades ago that definitely wasn’t the case.

What do you make of the sudden fascination with facial fat? (Or, is it not actually sudden?)
It’s not at all sudden. However, social media definitely now plays a role in what aesthetic procedures are being considered “trends.”

What should people know before getting dermal fillers?
Dermal fillers are temporary. If a patient loves the result, it’s temporary, if they hate it it’s temporary. Fillers are not the answer to everything, any one modality or treatment isn’t the answer. Dermal fillers should be used in conjunction with other services and procedures to fully treat the underlying problem.

What should people know about buccal fat removal?
If it’s overdone, they may miss their buccal fat 10 years down the line.

Who is a good candidate for buccal fat removal?
Younger patients with a heavy lower mid face. A more “U” shaped face as opposed to a “V” shaped face.