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The Mid-50′s PLUS

In our mid-50′s and beyond, the kids are most likely in college or out of school and embarking on lives of their own. We may already be heading into retirement, or still concentrating on our careers while trying to grab a little free time here and there. By this time, the signs of age and the effects of nature are upon us, and looking more pronounced than ever. Deep wrinkles, sagging jaw lines, skin folds in the neck, and excess skin and fat are some of the most common signals that affect us during this period in our lives.

These issues and more can be addressed with non-surgical and surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures that can bring out your natural beauty and help you to age gracefully. Facial rejuvenation options such as face lift and injectable dermal fillers can restore contours to the face and smooth out the skin; laser-based skin treatments can eliminate damaged skin and bring out the healthier layers underneath; breast enhancement and body contouring surgery can revitalize your appearance and tighten the areas that may have become resistant to diet and exercise.

These procedures – along with healthy eating, a standard exercise routine, avoidance of tobacco, and precautions taken when you are exposed to the sun, can help you age into your 60′s and 70′s looking vibrant, refreshed, and more youthful than you would have thought possible.

The following guide lists some of the most popular aesthetic enhancement procedures performed in women and men who are in their mid-50′s, 60′s, and 70′s. To schedule a consultation for any of these procedures, or other options you may be considering, please contact the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group. One of our skilled and experienced plastic surgeons will be happy to meet with you and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Contact the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group for more information on any of the procedures listed above. Our experienced medical team can discuss these options with you and help you decide which may be the most beneficial in achieving your goals.

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