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The Teenage Years

It can be the most exciting, and the most nerve-wracking, period of our lives. The teen years often find us in the most self-conscious stage of our development as peer pressure and security with how we look can dictate how we view ourselves on the whole. Many of us experience a number of aesthetic issues that lower our self-esteem, such as protruding ears, unhappiness with the size or shape of our nose, breasts that are too large, and skin conditions such as acne. These issues can lead to the development of a poor self-image that can affect us later in life.

A variety of surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures can address these problems and re-focus our brains away from self-consciousness about our appearance and on to the traditional experiences of being a teenager, school, socializing, sports, and fun. Procedures such as rhinoplasty (nose surgery) and otoplasty (ear surgery) can do wonders for the facial aesthetic; less invasive procedures such as medical skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal can address common skin conditions in adolescents; and breast reduction surgery can eliminate excess skin and fat in the breasts to provide young women with a bustline that’s more proportionate to their body frame.

Take a look at the following list featuring some of the most popular cosmetic enhancement treatments for teens. The links will take you to more descriptive pages for each procedure. Please contact the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group to schedule a consultation, and one of our doctors can meet with you to discuss options for you or your child that may best suit their individual needs.

With the early establishment of a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine, along with avoiding tobacco products and using sunscreen to protect you from harmful U-V rays, aesthetic enhancement options can bring out your natural beauty as you embark on your adult years!

Contact LIPSG for more information on the above procedures. Parents interested in cosmetic enhancement options for their children can meet with one of our plastic surgeons for a detailed discussion on which procedures may help your child reach their aesthetic goals.

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