Posted in: NYPS Group News, Practice Information , Monday December 1, 2014

A series of Holiday Food and Fitness Tips from Dr. Frederick N. Lukash.

A recent New York Times Magazine article highlighted the trend in “Paleo” lifestyles that take the latest food fad beyond eating and into broad lifestyle changes for families seeking connection to ancestral health patterns.
Concerned “tiger moms and dads” are now taking their kids out of violin and soccer practice so they can wander on wilderness hikes designed to release their inner wild child. Parents are redesigning their kids’ bedrooms with blackout shades to recreate the cave-like scenario our ancestors would have slept in.

All of this is harmless but unnecessary if your primary goal is to turn back your family’s internal metabolic systems to what I call the “Restore Point”–the fat-burning set point that evolved from early ancestral eating patterns.

You don’t need to forgo piano lessons for forest treks to turn back your family’s internal metabolic software to its original fat-burning operating system. What you do need to do is to hit the “restore” button on your eating patterns. What that means is:

If your commitment to healthier ancestral eating patterns leads you to faux fur rugs, fire pits and blackout blinds–go for it.

Just remember that the core commitment for you and your family has to be a safe and sane eating plan that forages for the healthiest and purest food for you and your family.
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Dr. Frederick Lukash, MD, FACS, FAAP