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Fios 1 News recently reported on the charitable work that LIPSG surgeon Dr. Thomas A. Davenport has performed with ReSurge International. Dr. Davenport is being honored with the Donald R. Laub Humanitarian Award, honoring his humanitarian efforts towards the underserved, at ReSurge International’s 11th Annual Transformations Gala. He has traveled to over 30 countries with ReSurge, an established non-profit organization that provides desperately needed reconstructive surgery and surgical training in developing countries.

A 1 Hour Surgery Can Change a Life Forever

On his service trips with ReSurge, Dr. Davenport has treated patients with cleft lip, cleft palate, and damage from burns. He has also trained local doctors in surgical techniques for cancer reconstruction and treatment of complex trauma. He has helped many patients who had no other way of receiving treatment.

He recounted a story to Fios 1 News about a 12- year-old boy in Nepal who walked 3 days by himself to the ReSurge clinic. The boy had a cleft lip, a fairly common birth defect that is typically corrected soon after birth in developed countries and can cause social isolation and speech challenges when left untreated. Dr. Davenport was able to correct his cleft lip in a 1-hour surgery. The patient was overcome with gratitude because at 12 years old he had never been to school due to his birth defect. He can now pursue education and feel confident in his appearance.

Watch the full news segment for more stories of Dr. Davenport’s work with ReSurge:

The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Partnership with ReSurge International

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group has a long-standing commitment to giving back, and one of the ways we do so is through an ongoing partnership with ReSurge International. In addition to supporting the service trips of our plastic surgeons, we have also established the Dr. Vincent DiGregorio Fellowship Fund to further the training of reconstructive plastic surgeons in developing countries. Learn more about our work with ReSurge, including how you can support this important cause.