Posted in: In The News Resurge, Practice Information , Thursday January 13, 2022

At Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, we believe it is important to give back to our communities and offer our services to those who may not otherwise have access to adequate medical care. As a proud partner of ReSurge International, we help to support the organization’s ongoing efforts to provide necessary reconstructive surgery to those in underserved parts of the world.

A Commitment to Service

Thomas Davenport, MD, FACS, board-certified plastic surgeon and partner at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, has made more than 20 trips with ReSurge. In Bhutan, Brazil, Cambodia, Ecuador, India, Mali, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Peru, and the Philippines, he has not only performed reconstructive procedures, but also trained others in this specialty.

Recently, Dr. Davenport was highlighted in an in-depth article on the ReSurge website. Here, he discusses his background and training as a reconstructive plastic surgeon who specializes in post-burn reconstruction. Dr. Davenport also reminisces on some of his most notable cases working with ReSurge, including reconstructive surgery on a seven-year-old who had suffered severe burns four years earlier. As a result of her injuries, the young girl could not walk or stand on her own. Desperate to heal his daughter, the girl’s father carried her for days until finally reaching Dr. Davenport and the team at ReSurge. Helping a child and family like this is imminently rewarding, and why in total, Dr. Davenport has spent more than a year and a half of his life traveling to more than 20 countries with ReSurge.

As a practice, we are incredibly proud of Dr. Davenport and his commitment to caring for underprivileged patients around the world. He is a true example of the passion and dedication we all strive to embrace as surgeons, and we are eager to watch him continue to transform lives both locally and abroad.

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