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Did you know that for the last 17 years board-certified plastic surgeon and LIPSG partner Dr. Barry K. Douglas has produced original artwork for the cover of the Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons (NESPS) regional conference journal? Each illustration is designed to highlight the annual conference’s host city. This year the 2021 meeting will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from September 10th through September 12th.

Hidden throughout Dr. Douglas’ artwork is a variety of  facts, details, and statistics about Philadelphia. Can you find all 20?

  1. Philadelphia was home for the first medical school in the country than is now part of the University of Pennsylvania. What year was this school founded?
  2. The first daily newspaper in the US was founded in Philadelphia. What was its name and what year was it founded?
  3. The United States mint in Philadelphia stamps what on its coins? How many coins does the Philadelphia mint produce in an hour? How much does it cost to mint a 5 cent nickel?
  4. Mother’s Day was invented in Philadelphia in what year?
  5. Find the Greek spelling of Philadelphia.
  6. The word Philadelphia translates from the Greek as what?
  7. When was the Liberty Bell cast?
  8. The Liberty Bell was cast to commemorate the 50th anniversary of what?
  9. What was the name of the casting company?
  10. What phrase is cast on the Liberty Bell?
  11. When did the major crack occur?
  12. If the Liberty Bell were wrung what is the musical note of the ring?
  13. Which Continental Congress signed the Declaration of Independence?
  14. What date was the Declaration signed in Philadelphia?
  15. What date did the Continental Congress vote to declare independence?
  16. How old was Thomas Jefferson when he penned the Declaration of Independence?
  17. Philadelphia is known as the (blank) capital of the United States
  18. The Declaration of Independence is actually a list of what?
  19. The president of the Continental Congress, signed his name first and very large. Who was this and why did he sign this way?
  20. Here are 14 anachronisms in this artwork. Find them.



  1. 1765
  2. The Philadelphia Packet and Daily Advertiser.  1784
  3. The letter ‘P’.  ’S’ for San Francisco, ‘D’ for Denver,  ‘O’ for New Orleans and ‘CC’ for Carson City.  One million coins/hr.  It costs the US 11.2 cents to produce a 5 cent nickel.
  4. 1908
  5. The Greek spelling is located in the side of John Adams captain chair.
  6. Brotherly Love.
  7. 1751
  8. The 50th anniversary of William Penn’s Charter of Privileges.
  9. Pass & Stow. Cast in bronze.
  10. Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.
  11. 1846
  12. The musical tone in E flat.
  13. The second.
  14. August 2, 1776
  15. July 2, 1776
  16. 33.  George Washington was 46 when he became commander of the Continental Army.
  17. Philadelphia is known as the mural capital of the US.
  18. A list of grievances.
  19. So King George III, the recipient of the Declaration, could read his name without his glasses.
  20. The following anachronisms are within the artwork:

A – John Adams is making corrections on the draft on a Mayo stand
B –  LC Tiffany stained glass dragon fly lamp from 1910
C – Box of Kleenex
D – Bottle of Poland Spring water
E – An electric cord on the floor
F – A Chinese ceremonial staff (1920s) on the column
G – An Edison Standard phonograph 1906
H – A high hat in the ceiling
I – A Nike ’swoosh’ on Jefferson’s left shoe
J – Computer next to window
K –  iPhone on the desk
L – Yankee Doodle duck
M – Architectural stool upon which Benjamin Franklin is sitting while proof reading
N – Risque painting with apologies to JSS and Madame X