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Dr. Addona Discusses Breast Reconstruction in Shape Magazine

As one of the most well established plastic surgery practices in the nation, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group (LIPSG) is home to 22 physicians who are highly experienced and widely recognized as leaders in their field. Dr. Tommaso Addona, President of LIPSG, is a trusted expert in breast reconstruction surgery. He was recently featured in Shape Magazine in their article, “Answers to All Your Questions About Breast Reconstruction Surgery”. The article gives a comprehensive overview of the breast reconstruction process and one of Dr. Addona’s patients shares her first-hand experience.

Breast Cancer Patients Have More Reconstruction Options Than Ever Before

Among women, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide. This year alone, an estimated 2.3 million women globally will learn they have the disease. The good news is that early detection and treatment have increased survival rates and allowed women to live long lives as breast cancer survivors. While health is their top concern, women are also interested in preserving a sense of normalcy and regaining confidence in their bodies after mastectomy surgery. Dr. Addona provides patients with “a light at the end of the tunnel” after their breast cancer diagnosis. Once a patient is reassured that she will be okay, the reconstruction process can help her to feel empowered. Dr. Addona tells patients that, “you can get behind the driver’s seat again, call the shots, and feel in control.”

Lauren LoMonaco, Dr. Addona’s patient featured in the Shape article, was concerned about losing her nipples since her mom’s post-mastectomy reconstructive surgery involved nipple removal. However, Dr. Addona explains that recent advancements in breast reconstruction technology mean that 85-90 percent of his patients are candidates for nipple-sparing reconstruction. Furthermore, Dr. Addona makes sure that patients understand all of their reconstruction options so that they can make the best choice for themselves when it comes to shape, size, and technique.

Dr. Addona Answers Questions About Breast Reconstruction

In addition to discussing the aesthetics of breast reconstruction results, Dr. Addona answered many common questions and addressed potential patient concerns in the Shape article. He discussed the emotional aspects of reconstruction, including the guilt that some patients feel about making aesthetic choices after a cancer diagnosis. Dr. Addona urges patients to see this as an opportunity to take care of themselves so that they feel well, both mentally and physically.

Additionally, Dr. Addona explains that health insurance companies are mandated by law to cover breast reconstruction procedures for breast cancer patients. He also explains the surgery, recovery process, and gives advice on choosing the best breast reconstruction surgeon for you. Read the full article “Answers to All Your Questions About Breast Reconstruction Surgery” to learn more.

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Dr. Addona and our team of breast reconstruction specialists at LIPSG are dedicated to empowering women post-breast cancer diagnosis. In addition to providing a range of surgical options, our experts offer support and education as it pertains to navigating the many available treatment plans. Learn more about breast reconstruction surgery or contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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