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“I smiled for the camera all day long. I took hundreds of pictures—and I loved every one of them.” –Jessica, 58

Jessica before eyelid surgery (left) and on her wedding day (right), 4 months later

Jessica’s wedding day wasn’t what she imagined—it was better. It was the start of a new life emotionally and physically.

For years, Jessica had shied away from the camera, refusing to be in photos at even the most special family events. “There are no pictures of me,” she says. “Not one from our trip to Disney, none in my children’s photo albums.”

Heavy lower eyelids—an inherited trait—made her look tired and older than her years. However,  it wasn’t just what others could see in the photos that upset Jessica, it was the things that only she could see: A woman in a broken marriage, a woman who felt unattractive, a woman whose self-esteem had taken a hit.

That was then.

After her first marriage dissolved, Jessica was determined to rewrite her story. She found love and acceptance—not only from someone else, but also from herself.

“I met a man who loves me for who I am. I realized—I want to love myself as much as he loves me.”


Her confidence came back. Her smile got bigger. Her happiness shined through. Only one holdout from her old life remained: her hereditary eye bags.

Dr. Deane knew my story, and he told me that he wanted me to be happy. Not just on my wedding day, but beyond it.”

Working with Dr. Deane was simple, says Jessica, who felt guided and cared for from consultation to recovery. “He was generous and kind,” she says. The procedure itself went incredibly well. Jessica had minimal swelling and very little pain, and was fully healed from the April operation in plenty of time for her August nuptials.

“Dr. Deane helped me to feel beautiful. He made my wedding day feel like a truly fresh start.”