Posted in: Our Experts , Wednesday October 24, 2018

For over a decade, Dr. Barry Douglas has created the artwork for the cover of the Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons (NESPS) regional conference journal. This year, the meeting will take place in Boston, Massachusetts from October 26th through 28th, 2018.

Embedded in this year’s program cover theme are numbers, dates, logos, pictures and words all related to the host city, Boston. How many of these hidden facts can you spot?


  1. A famous statue in the center of Boston commemorates what famous event?
  2. Who was the rider and what was his profession?
  3. What was the date of this event?
  4. Who was he actually trying to warn of their imminent capture by the British?
  5. Find portions of the famous poem depicting a fundamentally fictionalized account of the 6vent.
  6. Who wrote this famous poem and when?
  7. When was the battle of Bunker Hill?
  8. When was the Boston Massacre?
  9. What was the date of the party whereby cases of chamomile and Earl Grey were dumped into the harbor?
  10. Find the oldest, still commissioned, frigate, and why is it floating in front of a Bostonian brownstone townhouse?
  11. When was this ship commissioned?
  12. What is Boston’s nickname, and how did it originate?
  13. What year was Boston incorporated?
  14. This is the NESPS’s what number annual meeting?
  15. Name the four American presidents that were born in or around the Boston area
  16. Find the names of the three most popular consumed beers in Boston
  17. This famous American piano manufacturer was founded in Boston in 1854
  18. Find an item made in silver by the answer to item ‘2’ above
  19. Find the name and number of the famous right fielder of the Red Sox whose very last hit was a homerun
  20. Find two Red Sox logos
  21. Find the name of the player responsible for the Curse of the Bambino
  22. Find the number of the years that the ‘curse’ was ‘intact’
  23. Find the number of years the Red Sox won the World Series
  24. Find the logo of Red Sox’s béte noir
  25. Find a bunny, a baby duck, a hummingbird, a kitten mailing a letter, a torso in the flowers, a smiley face and a ladybug
  26. What is the name of the car manufacturer that advertises above the Green Monster at Fenway
  27. Find the names of famous Boston-born celebrities: two talk show hosts, a jazz keyboardist-composer, a diva, three TV or movie stars, two activist-writers
  28. Find someone pleased with her 375 HP results
  29. Find a cute terrier named after the city from which is was originally bred
  30. What was the name of the band who wrote the song that debuted in 1976
  31. Find the logo of the famous 1971 Boston band whose lead singer has too much HA in his lips
  32. How old was our first president when he took command of the Continental (Revolutionary) Army?
  33. The home of the Red Sox, built on a marsh (fen), was built when?
  34. How many colleges and universities are in Boston?


  1. The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
  2. Paul Revere was a Silversmith
  3. April 18, 1775
  4. Sam Adams and John Hancock
  5. “…he said to his friends…by a belfry-arch…”
  6. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 1860
  7. June 17, 1775
  8. March 5. 1770
  9. December 16, 1773
  10. USS Constitution, aka, Old Ironsides.
  11. Commissioned October 21, 1797. Defeated the British in 1812. Saw little action since.
  12. Beantown. Molasses was a cheap substitute for sugar and was made from beans. It was a significant Bostonian industry.
  13. 1630
  14. 35th
  15. John Adams, John Quincy Adams, JFK GHW Bush
  16. Bud Light, Harpoon and Samuel Adams
  17. Mason & Hamlin. One of the American •Big Four’ of pianos along with Chickering, Knabe and Steinway
  18. Teapot in .925
  19. Ted Williams 9
  20. The pair of socks and the letter B
  21. Sultan of Swat, aka, Babe Ruth
  22. 86
  23. 8 times: 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918, 2004, 2007, 2013
  24. New York Yankees ‘NY’
  25. All over
  26. Volvo
  27. Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno, Chick Corea, Donna Summer, Steve Carrel’ and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Malcolm X and WEB DuBois
  28. Upper left corner
  29. Boston Terrier was accepted into the AKC in 1893 as a non-sporting breed
  30. Boston’s ‘More Than a Feeling’ written 1976
  31. Aerosmith
  32. George Washington was 46 when he became in charge of the Revolutionary Army
  33. Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox was built in 1912, one of only two remaining original baseball stadiums. The other is Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs.
  34. There are 50+ colleges and universities in Boston. As a result, the population of Boston drops significantly during the summer break.