Posted in: NYPS Group News , Thursday November 8, 2018

Long Island Plastic Surgical Group would like to congratulate Dr. Laurence Glickman on receiving this year’s Project Morry Award at the 2018 Project Morry Annual Benefit. This award is the organization’s highest honor.

Project Morry is a program that empowers young people from under-resourced communities to envision and establish a positive future. Through their efforts working with the youth of these communities, Project Morry positively changes the outcomes for these student’s futures. 98% of Project Morry students graduate from high school on time, 85% attend college and 91% of those who attend college graduate. In addition to their academic success, Project Morry students exemplify their principles of teamwork, positive core values, volunteerism, and personal responsibility. They are leaders at school and  in their communities.

Dr. Glickman was a founding board member of Morry’s Camp, what was then a summer residential program for about 100 under-resourced children. He served as a board member for 20 years, as President from 2007-2009, and now serves on the Honorary Board of Project Morry. Dr. Glickman and his family are proud to support the mission and the dream of Project Morry.

Dr. Glickman was joined by some of his fellow LIPSG staff and physicians including Dr. Roger Simpson, Dr. Barry Douglas, Dr. Bruce Brewer, Dr. Thomas Davenport and Dr. Noel Natoli, who were thrilled to support him in this achievement. Congratulations to Dr. Glickman!