Posted in: Patient Stories , Tuesday March 21, 2017

Some people told her she was too young, but at 22 years old Danielle was absolutely sure: She had waited long enough, and she was going to have breast augmentation.

“I knew it would make me feel like a woman, and it did,” she says.

Danielle’s initial surgery was at a different practice, and while she liked her doctor, she didn’t really feel that she understood what was going to happen, or why certain decisions should be carefully considered. Still, she knew in her heart that this was the right step for her, and she went forward with the procedure. It yielded the results she had hoped for, helping her feel more feminine and happier with her body.

It was at about six months post-op that Danielle noticed bruising along the side of her breast. She returned to her operating doctor, who examined her and explained that he could correct the issue. While he still wasn’t very direct, Danielle appreciated that he would operate again for free.

She decided to get a second opinion, just to ease her mind that a second surgery was necessary. That was when Danielle found Long Island Plastic Surgical Group and Dr. Michael Dobryansky.

“I liked him right away,” Danielle says. “He was different, and so helpful.” Dr. Dobryansky walked her through the situation, the result of broken skin and a heavy implant. He confirmed that a second surgery would correct the problem. And, he was clear: He understood that Danielle wanted larger implants, but he advised against it.

Danielle appreciated his honesty, and she returned to her previous doctor for the corrective surgery. And, she went bigger. “I had to have the first implants removed for six months to allow the skin to heal,” she explains. “I was 22, and I did what I wanted to do,” she admits.

This time, the implants lasted four years. In January 2017, Danielle returned to LIPSG and to Dr. Dobryansky. The new implants were “bottoming out,” which is a way to describe a breast implant that falls below the natural breast crease.

This time, Danielle wanted to understand the process, and Dr. Dobryansky was more than happy to explain it. “He told me, the bigger the implant, the more problems,” she says. He went over her options, including deflating the implants to start over, or, instead, using a mesh implant and a silicone high profile implant in a smaller size. Danielle chose the second option.

“Overall, everything was really different,” Danielle says. “My previous doctor didn’t explain why I shouldn’t get bigger implants. Dr. Dobryansky was really clear about what would work on my frame. And, even though the high profile silicone implant is technically smaller, there’s more volume and so it looks more full.”

As a bonus, Dr. Dobryansky was able to remove a scar left from Danielle’s previous surgery.

“This time, I am so happy with the way they look,” she says.

It was a long road, but Danielle is thrilled about where it has led. With three surgeries in five years, she’s learned a lot. “I would definitely make sure you choose a doctor who is going to make you feel comfortable and talk to you about what could happen, and who gives you options. Listen to what your doctor is saying, especially about what is going to be natural and look the best for you.”