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Residency Program

One of the hallmarks of the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is its decades-long commitment to furthering the science and art of plastic surgery. Only the most skilled, experienced, and innovative plastic surgeons make up our team of doctors, and each is dedicated to passing their knowledge on to new generations of surgeons who will be the next leaders in the field.

In 1954, the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group established its own plastic surgery residency program. In 1989, Dr. Roger L. Simpson became the Director of the Residency Training Program and since its inception, the LIPSG Residency Program has trained more than 115 residents and has seen many of them grow into some of the most respected and skilled plastic surgeons in the nation. Graduates from our residency program have gone on to successful careers in both private practice and academia, and have become some of the leading innovators in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Candidates from all across the country apply for a coveted spot in the LIPSG Plastic Surgery Residency Program, and there are two accepted each year. The program accepts candidates who represent diverse backgrounds and experiences along with stellar records of academic achievement.

The Plastic Surgery Residency Program typically involves a 3-year training program at the three Long Island and Manhattan-area LIPSG facilities, as well as hospitals in which our physicians are on staff, including Nassau University Medical Center. All subspecialties are covered in the Plastic Surgery Residency Program, and each are taught by our own LIPSG specialists.

The LIPSG Plastic Surgery Residency Program teaches the next generation of plastic surgeons everything from the basics of aesthetic enhancement procedures to reconstruction of skin in patients with severe burns.

The Long Island Plastic Surgical Group is proud to bring the latest generation of plastic and reconstructive surgeons into the medical community with the LIPSG Plastic Surgery Residency Program. We look forward to working with the brightest minds and most talented doctors for many generations to come.

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